How to measure your enclosure
completed measure form
Radius Mesurement


Providing accurate measurements will assure the best possible function and appearance for your enclosure. All of our units are sized to the specifications you provide. Many times a “standard” configuration is all you need, while other times some custom fabrication may be required, depending on the information you provide.

Dimensions are assumed to be taken from the centerline of the curb or base.

Each configuration has its own template with boxes to fill in with your measurements.

If you’re not comfortable measuring yourself, have someone else do it who is more experienced. If you will have someone else installing your unit, have them measure.

Tools You’ll Need:

1. tape measure
2. a level, preferably 4 ft. or longer

Common Terminology:

1. “plumb” and “level”- a measure of the levelness of a horizontal surface or the trueness of a vertical surface at 90 degrees to a horizontal surface. Any surface which is not totally flat or vertical is said to be “out-of-plumb” or “out-of-square”. Boxes in the templates for these conditions are marked as “in”, “out”, and “low” to indicate the direction and size of deviations from plumb. The default value is “0”, indicating level or plumb – overwrite with your measurement if different.

2. “tolerance” – the dimensions or other specifications of a fabricated unit which deviate from those initially specified. For example, if a specification calls for a piece that is 60 inches long, the actual piece may have a tolerance of + or – 1/16″, which means the actual piece may be between 59 15/16″ and 60 1/16″. All manufactured products have tolerances.

3. “buttress” or “pony” walls – partitions or walls which do not reach the ceiling.

4. “radius corners” – relates to the top, horizontal edge of a buttress wall. You can have a square or rounded edge here, depending on you or your contractor’s design. If the edge is not square, it will usually have a radius of 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, or 1 inch. It’s important that this be specified. If the corner is square, leave this box empty or leave the default value of “0” if shown.

5. measurements should be made to the nearest 1/16th of an inch for heavy glass frameless units.