Etched Glass


Etched glass is usually produced either chemically (acid), or mechanically (“sand blasted”). Our process is mechanical, although silicon carbide, not sand, is used as the abrasive medium.

This process allows for infinite variations in the depth and shading characteristics of the design, as well as being environmentally friendly.

There are four basic “degrees” of etching, examples of which are shown in the photos. 

  • binary – the design is either frosted or clear (where the background is frosted)
  • shaded – 3-dimensional effects are created without deeply cutting into the glass, similar to air brushing with paint
  • staged – slight difference in depths without the deeper, more blended effects of carved
  • carved – the most dramatic 3-dimensional effect, and the most time consuming

You can have combinations of all the above, depending on the type and thickness of glass, your personal preferences, and the application of the final product.

Etched glass is highly dependent on lighting to fully appreciate its beauty. We’ll be happy to consult with you on your project.

Simple Binary Etching